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You have probably heard one of the largest investments you will ever make in life is purchasing a home—and it is true. This type of investment can lead to many blessings and also many risks. Trust All Insurance Group of Brandon, Florida for a homeowner’s insurance policy that is inclusive of the protections you need. With over 50 years of combined experience, you’ll get quality and smart service as well as affordable homeowners insurance policies to boot.

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Whether you’re just starting out with your first home or you are already a homeowner looking to save on coverage, we will write a policy you built with you, your budget, and your home in mind. We also offer renter’s insurance and tenant insurance policies to cover you or your tenants if a disaster strikes. Whatever policy you may need, All Insurance Group works around the clock with a large network of homeowner insurance carriers to bring you comprehensive insurance policies.

Take a look at the wide array of insurance solutions we offer below and contact an independent insurance agent from All Insurance Group today to start your Free Rate Quote. Discover how we can help you rest easy knowing your family is protected from the unexpected.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Policies for homeowners insurance are often required when you mortgage your home; however, even after paying off your mortgage, it is ideal to keep your policy active. Homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for the restoration of your home caused by damaged from a covered event—plus liability and repair/rebuild coverage for other disasters.

Florida homeowners are familiar with the damage major storms can cause to properties and having adequate coverage to cover the cost of storm repair can help many families avoid financial distress. Homeowners insurance policies also protect against other disasters such as fire, water damage, and mold.

Homeowner Insurance Florida

In addition, homeowner’s insurance includes coverage options for personal liability and the costs to defend yourself from claims. Damage that occurs off your property by a member of your home may be included in this liability coverage—like if your child breaks the neighbor’s window playing ball, as well as the expensive, vintage vase sitting on the desk next to that window. Many policies also include coverage for damage cause by pets (but may require a fee or be breed restricted).

Home Renter Insurance
Renter’s Insurance

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t have a home to protect.

The average person owns thousands of dollars in belongings. Don’t believe it—how much do you think it would cost to replace just the clothing for your household? Far more than the affordable monthly premium for renter’s insurance.

As a bonus for renters, insurance coverage also has many perks that homeowner policies do—like liability coverage.

Additional Home & Property Insurance Coverages

Condo owners have unique insurance needs. With external property and structural issues covered by the condo association, most condo owners only have to concern themselves with coverage for the inside of their home and their belongings. Trust in our independent insurance agency to search for the best condo insurance available for your needs while also meeting the strict standards set forth by your Condo Owners’ Association.

Mobile Home

Mobile, modular, and manufactured homes are often seen as a higher risk for claims due to the construction materials used during building. While they meet Florida building requirements, many people believe it will make insurance carriers nervous to ensure in a state where hurricanes and storms are frequent—and consequently, charge a higher premium.

Don’t let this common myth be a factor in your decision making on whether to carry mobile home insurance or not. There are plenty of reputable carriers and policies available to protect your home and everything in it for as reasonable of a price as renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Tenant & Vacant Dwellings

Investors, landlords, and property managers also require special insurance policies to protect their interests. While their tenants are responsible for getting renter’s insurance, property owners need a policy that protects the structure, property, and landlord liability. If the property is ever without an active tenant, the needs for the property’s coverage changes. We are here to help you identify all of your potential coverage needs and ensure we match you to a policy that will offer you the most comprehensive coverage.

Personal Umbrella

Coverage limits on any policy can only go so high. In the event of a catastrophic event or tragedy, those coverage limits may not be near enough to provide you the coverage you really need from personal liability. Personal umbrella insurance picks up where your other policies leave off and can extend the coverage beyond your current policy’s limits or restrictions, including covering the costs of fighting a claim laid against you.

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